Resin Flooring Products

With a swift service for minimal disruption and complete customer convenience, Nu-floor Polymers provide a range of products and services for applications including resin driveways, garage flooring and a wide range of industrial flooring. We match your exacting requirements with the best Epoxy, Polyurethane and Methylmethacrylate Resin Technology to provide the most durable seamless flooring with the properties you need whether it be a particular build / finish, self levelling, chemical resistance, cementious, anti slip or anti static.


Product Range

Installed in a wide variety are scenarios ranging from the heavy-duty and highly trafficked, high or sub-zero temperatures, wet or dry processing areas through to light-duty sites. Our range of epoxy floor coating systems offers a range of benefits, including excellent chemical, slip and thermal resistance, making them perfect for use in industrial, processing or warehouse facilities. 

Each epoxy resin system offers several individual benefits and can be mixed and matched to meet the needs of your space. Due to its seamless nature, epoxy resin floorings are easily cleaned and inherently hygienic and have excellent durability both underfoot and with rubber-wheeled forklift traffic.

All systems come in a range of decorative colour options, which can be used to create zones or simply to enhance a spaces’ aesthetic value.

  • Chemical Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Production Halls 
  • Automotive Workshops
  • Wet & Dry Industrial Processing Areas
  • Oil, Gas & Marine Facilities      

We also offer self-smoothing versions of our epoxy resin flooring systems. These solvent-free, flexible flooring solutions are designed to protect concrete substrates and offer outstanding strength and performance.

They possess an excellent wear resistance to medium to heavy-duty foot traffic and rubber-wheeled traffic, as well as boasting excellent chemical resistance. The slip resistance profile can be customised to your needs, and they also come in a range of decorative colours.   

  • Industrial Processing Areas                    
  • Food Processing
  • Packaging Halls                    
  • Automotive Repair 
  • Maintenance Workshops
  • Warehouse & Distribution Centres                    
  • Laboratories & Clean Rooms

Best suited for use in heavy-duty wet and dry processing areas, this highly slip-resistant, durable, hand-trowelled epoxy quartz flooring system is available in a colourful and decorative range of quartz aggregate. 

Perfect for areas in which a decorative yet highly durable, chemical, impact and wear-resistant floor finish is required. Inherently hygienic due to its seamless and nonporous finish this quartz based flooring system is easy to clean. 

  • Dry Heavy Duty Industrial Processing Areas                    
  • Heavily Trafficked Commercial Venues                    
  • Institutional Buildings (such as educational facilities and hospitals)

Antistatic grade versions of our standard epoxy resin systems are also available for sensitive component production or processing facilities which hold a risk of fire or explosion due to static charge. These epoxy based flooring systems are designed to dispel electrostatic discharge in sensitive areas or gradually dissipate electrostatic discharge.

Our antistatic floorings also have excellent chemical, lubricant, and solvent resistance making them perfect for usage in chemical plants, laboratories, and other sensitive industrial areas. 

  • Electronic Production Areas
  • Microelectronic Assembly Rooms
  • Computer Chip Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage Production
  • Workshops                    
  • Highly Sensitive Dry Processing Industrial Areas

This seamless, flexible, polyurethane comfort resin flooring system is a liquid-applied alternative to vinyl floor coverings, providing a hygienic finish and an elastic cushioning effect underfoot. The cushioning effect provides high level of user comfort, it can absorb impact sound by up to 3dB and it can reduce heat loss in multi-occupancy spaces.        

It has excellent cleanability due to its inherently hygienic seamless finish and is available in a range of colours making it perfect for public spaces.

  • Medium duty, frequently trafficked public spaces                    
  • Healthcare facilities and residential homes                    
  • Schools, colleges and crèche facilities                
  • Health clubs, leisure and sports facilities                    
  • Museums and libraries
  • Commercial offices 
  • mixed-use or multi-occupancy spaces               

A highly decorative flooring system based on fast-curing methyl methacrylate resin technology, this decorative flake flooring offers clients a fast return to service. Comes with excellent chemical, stain and UV resistance which minimises yellowing over time. A number of different colours and flake blends are available to suit a wide variety of spaces.                                                     

  • Recreation Centres & Leisure Facilities
  • Supermarkets & Food Halls
  • Retail Outlets
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities 
  • Healthcare & Veterinary Centres 
  • Offices & Commercial Units    

A highly durable, decorative and UV-stable quartz flooring system based on fast-cure MMA technology which offers clients a fast return to service. With excellent chemical, stain and UV resistance and available in a range of colourful quartz blends. This quartz MMA flooring solution is suitable for a large range of public and industrial facilities. 

  • Industrial Facilities 
  • Automotive Workshops, 
  • Warehousing & Distribution Centres, 
  • Catering Kitchens, 
  • Recreation Centres 
  • Leisure Facilities
  • WC facilities  

A textured version of our fast-cure MMA based quartz flooring system designed for usage in wet areas. This fast curing flooring offers clients a fast return to business and allows early access for follow-on trades. It’s textured surface means this flooring has excellent anti-slip, impact and wear resistance.     

  • Wet Processing Facilities 
  • Pool Surrounds                    
  • Recreation Centres & Leisure Facilities                    
  • Shower Cubicles
  • WC & Changing Room Facilities
  • Fire Station Appliance Bays